Photo competitions (day 46)

Day 46 – Sunday, 4.11.2012
Oh I so wanted to sleep today! And I don’t know exactly why, but my window was full of moisture this morning and I just really hope it was because of my jacket that was in my room and was still a bit wet. I really don’t want this to happen every morning! =S
Damir and Filip went to the surf school this morning and they said it’s really great, but really exhausting sport. I don’t know how well they did but by what they told me they were not so bad. =) Maybe they will manage to stand on surf for more than just a second as they said. =) Well, I guess they had fun, but they didn’t convince me to go too. Not now. It’s a bit cold and windy weather and that makes me not in the mood for surfing. I’ll go to the surf school in April or May. I think that’s a good choice because I can put more energy in photography now.
While boys were surfing, I checked some photography competitions this morning and I entered two of them with two different photos. Now I have to wait and hope for the best. =) I think it was about time I try and send some photos to these competitions, though I did try that few times but as everybody knows, there is so many talented photographers out there… =) But if you don’t at least try, you don’t have any chance of winning. =) So if you like my photo you’re more than welcome to vote for it here.
And last night I started to watch The Lion King, because I didn’t watch it since I was a kid and I was in the mood for some relaxed movie, so I picked this one. Well, I got too sleepy to finish it so I finished it today. I must say that well, I still like it, but I see it totally differently now. When you’re older you notice things you would never notice as kid and other way around I guess. Though I was a bit shocked about violence and cruelty shown in it, but when I was a kid I obviously didn’t really understand the meaning of violence or maybe I just didn’t understand it properly. I’m wondering if this is actually something that so young kids should watch? Who knows what’s right and what’s wrong. =) And I must say that I still love the songs in the movie! Hakuna Matata! =D Well, I might watch the second movie tonight, since I’m in the mood anyway. =)
Then I cooked some lunch again and Gaja just loved it… Obviously I’m not as bad cook as I thought I was. =) And later I went to the shop to buy some fruits, but since all the fruits I wanted are at lower price today there was almost nothing left. Except bananas, there were plenty of them, but they were totally green and I didn’t want to buy them like that. I’ll go back tomorrow I guess and hopefully I’ll get some normal fruits. =) At least I got some more chestnuts and that’s what was my dinner again. I love it! And not just the taste but also it reminds me of home, because usually our whole family gathers around the table and we eat chestnuts together. So this makes me feel a bit like home, though it makes me miss my family at the same time. Eating chestnuts without them it’s just not the same…


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