Film developing success (day 44)

Day 44 – Friday, 2.11.2012
Today I woke up even a bit before my alarm clock; it was 7:30. Quite surprisingly I had no problems waking up today. But well, I got dressed up and ate my breakfast in no hurry. I like that. =)
Then Gaja and I went to the school and arrived right on time and we were again the only students! Come on guys! =D One came few minutes later, but others came like half an hour late or even more. Portugal… =) But ok, we developed our medium format films that we had to reshoot since the last time we worked with damaged Hasselblad. Because Gaja is a bit claustrophobic she went outside to wait again and this time I had to put both of our films in the special spiral and then in the sort of a box (I don’t know the name of it).
This time the professor helped me with my film and he started by putting the film into the spiral, but then I had to carry on the work myself. At the end I had to cut the paper myself, not like the last time that professor did that part for me. It was so weird feeling to cut something when you don’t see anything (because the films shouldn’t be exposed to the light before they are developed) and it’s like you’re blind and you have to feel everything with your hands… Anyway, as simple as it is, it gets complicated when you don’t see anything. =) But I managed to do that. Then I had to do the same with Gaja’s film but this time the professor let me do everything by myself and so I had to put the film the spiral too. I managed to do it and cut the film at the end again.
When we finished we should have some break, but then one classmate arrived and he had a film to develop too, so the professor said he should do it while others have a break. Then the professor asked me to help him, because he might have some problems or he will not know how to do it. He said I’m the most suitable and I know best how to do it, so that’s why I should be the one to help him. I thought he was crazy! How the hell do I know how to do it?! I just did it twice now and I cut the paper like it’s the first time I have a pair of scissors in my hands! But ok, I helped the guy. =) He did everything by himself anyway; I just gave him some tips when he wasn’t sure and I stood there in case he would need me. But I must admit I felt quite flattered when the professor said those words to me. Obviously I’m doing something right. =)
Well this time our films turned out great and I can’t wait to develop some photos, because on the film they looked great! I must admit, I’m quite proud of the composition of my photos. I might go to the locations again and photograph them with my Canon 60d too.
When we returned home I cooked myself some awesome lunch; polenta and Portobello mushrooms. Mmm so tasty! =D Then I was on my computer and so on. Nothing worth mentioning I guess. And at the evening we got a visitor from Slovenia, friend of Damir. He’ll stay here for about a week, so these days we’ll have some company. =) And so later we decided to play some Boogle; it’s a type of a word game. After a few games they started to play really well, so I think that I just might found some competition, because usually I’m always wining. I don’t know, I guess I’m just good at this game. =)


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