This is Halloween (day 42)

Day 42 – Wednesday, 31.10.2012
It was so nice and cozy in my bed, but still I had no problem waking up and getting out in the cold room. First thing that got in my mind was this song and video:

Last night I watched some movie and I was sitting on my bed rolled up in my new blanket but I had this weird feeling because I didn’t wash the blanket yet and it just felt like it’s dirty. So in the morning the first thing I did was to put the blanket and some clothes into the washing machine. I felt a bit bad because I know the machine is loud and Damir has a room quite close to the kitchen where the machine is (I still can’t get used to the machine washer in the kitchen, we usually have them in the bathroom). But well, I had to turn on the washer early so I’d be able to put clothes out on the sun to dry. And I did that when the washer did its part. =) And it was sunny all morning but suddenly in the afternoon few dark clouds crawled above us and I was sure it was going to rain so I picked up the clothes and hang them on a drying rack in the room. Well then it didn’t rain. =) I’m sure if I would let my clothes outside it would rain. =)
Anyway, I was sitting in my room and checking some stuff on the internet when I noticed some new blog post of Lesley Carter about making an Ultimate Life Bucket List. I like to check her blog because she loves to travel, she loves to try new things and this blog post kind of inspired me to make my own Bucket List. And so I did. I wrote down some things I want to achieve in my life, things I want to see and experience. In the end my Bucket List was three pages long and I’m sure I’ll add many more things to it. And I also made a short list of things I want to achieve until the end of next year. Since I’m here in Portugal I feel like I can do and be anything I want and I have no doubts that my life will always turn out as it should. =)
Well, when I was done with my geeky computer stuff I made some lunch and later I went to some shops because I wanted to buy some candles for the next day. Since I can’t visit the grave of my grandma and grandpa I decided to light two small candles here at home. I don’t know, it just felt like the right thing to do. I also bought some more scented sticks. They are cheap, but they really make this nice air in the room, otherwise I only smell these old closets. =) So after I got my candles and sticks it was time for a mission “Vampire teeth”, because it was Halloween and we decided to go to some party and I wanted to be a vampire. Well, I went to Claire’s in Vivaci where I saw some teeth last afternoon and when I got there they told me they sold all of them in the morning. Then I went to some other shops and they didn’t have any teeth either. I already said that if I can’t get the teeth I’ll just be dressed in Goth style and that’s it. And I went to buy some lipstick and I was happy to find the Essence products because I know they are not tested on animals. I thought I bought some lipstick I’ll probably never use and I will not suit me, but it turned out it is really nice lipstick and I love it! I think I’ll use it more often; it’s really just the perfect tone. =D
Ok so then we had our Portuguese language course and on our way we stopped at some other shop where we thought maybe they’ll have the teeth we wanted. We were surprised when we actually found them and they were very cheap. Then we went to the class and we learned few things like for example: “Eu sou a Anja e eu sou estudante de Artes Plasticas e Som e Imagem. Eu sou Eslovena.” =) This means that my name is Anja and I’m a student of Fine Arts and Sound and Image and that my nationality is Slovene. =) I’ll still need a lot of practice with that. =D
After the class we returned home, dressed up and then Gaja came along with those vampire teeth and I almost died laughing. =D It was soooo damn funny! Then I put on my teeth and it was even funnier and those teeth were impossible to wear! They were huge and they didn’t fit and my saliva was just pouring out of my mouth and I couldn’t really control it. So there was no way I would wear these teeth. =D So we ended being Goth people and we were all dressed in black, put on some make-up, we painted Damir black around his eyes and Gaja put on her black wig. We were ready to go out. And when we walked through the city everybody was looking at us like we were some kind of maniacs. I guess we really looked a bit like that. =)
We met with our Brazilian friends and we went to one apartment where there were few more people and we talked a bit, watched some creepy videos (I guess because of the Halloween) and we smoked some shisha (I loved the apple taste!) and I also drank some cocktail. It was like a mix of few fruits and mint. It was lot like a mint tea to me. =) And one guy there had some really awesome mask. He said it’s from some video with electronic music, but I wouldn’t know, I’m not familiar with that music genre. It still looked awesome. =)
Then we went to the “Erasmus party” where we all gathered and it was awesome because those guys that live in that house really decorated it totally Halloween style and everything. So we were together like zombies, vampires, Goth people, Batman and Robin and we even had Amy Winehouse. =) Oh yeah and we had a couple of “Party rocking” people with the box on their heads. =D It looked really simple and cool. =D Then we went to the Bar Square at the center of city where most people gather and we stayed there until 3:30am. So, it was quite fun. =D But it was a bit weird because most people didn’t have any costumes so there was just few of us. Well, there were some others, but not as many I expected. Oh well, it was an interesting night. =)
My Goth look after the whole night… Doesn’t look much Goth, I know… =D


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