Philosophy and emotions (day 43)

Day 43 – Thursday, 1.11.2012
We slept a bit longer today because we went to sleep quite late. I woke up at 9:00, when my alarm went on. I wanted to sleep a bit longer but on the other hand I needed the toilet and as usual the toilet won… So I had to get out of the warm bed into the cold morning air in the apartment. Brrrr. But I survived as you can see. =)
Anyway, I switch my pyjamas for some warmer clothes and I spent some time on my computer… Again… Damn you technology! Well, I guess this is what modern times can do to us. =) But then I took some time for something I consider more valuable and more important. I decided to light two candles that I bought a day before and I lit them up; one for my grandpa and one for my grandma. Since I’m unable to visit their grave today, I think this is the closest thing I could do. And I took some time to remember them, to recall some nice memories I have about them and how they played and laughed with me. I think it’s good to take some time for things like this. And they make me feel happy, though I know I can’t be with them, I know that the time we had together was amazing and that’s what counts. When our time comes it comes, but it is what we do before that counts and we should hold on to that, not to the tragedy of losing someone. So yeah, I took some time for memories and it filled me up with love and happiness. =)
Then I returned to reality and decided I need to buy some food. Gaja, Damir and I went to the shop together and we cooked some lunch when we returned home. I really felt like eating rice today so I decided to cook myself some risotto. And it turned out sooooo damn good! Mmm nom nom nom! =) This time I put some soy chunks in it and it tasted almost like chicken! I just love being vegan more and more; I keep on discovering so tasty new recipes! =D Mentioning being vegan – I must admit I’m quite proud of myself because I see I have no problems with temptations. After more than a year, I’m obviously used to it so much that other food doesn’t really convince me anymore. But sometimes I do try something that’s vegetarian, but just try. Like for example I tried a bite of some cake Damir baked few days ago. I was interested in his cooking skills. =D It was good, but I noticed there were eggs in the food right away and I knew I shouldn’t eat more of it. My body just didn’t like it, like it rejected it. =)
Ok anyway, I didn’t mention that today I feel like relaxation day and I’m listening to relaxing Chinese and Japanese music with mix of nature sounds all the time. It just feels right today. Then I took some time for meditation because I know I don’t do that as often as I would want to. And again, it felt so right and so nice and oh, it was great. =) So now I feel like I’m reborn and I could move mountains. =D Ok, enough of philosophy for today… =D


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