Military day (day 39)

Day 39 – Sunday, 28.10.2012
I woke up at 8:20 and soon realized it’s actually 7:20 because we switched time today and so we had to change our clocks for one hour back. It was quite interesting to be up so early. =) I put some of my clothes to the washer again, had some hot cocoa for breakfast and then I went to the fruit market. Prices of clementine are finally reasonable so I bought about a kilo of them. Yay! =)
When I returned we went to meet our photography professor from Slovenia. She will be here for three weeks because she’s here on some sort of teacher exchange and she’s having some sort of photography workshop here on ESAD. So we met with her in the center and we went out for a drink together. It was nice to chat with someone else from Slovenia after a while. =) Then we went to see the parade that was supposed to be in the city, but we didn’t know what it was all about. All we knew is that it’s a parade. When we reached the secured and closed street we realized it is some sort of military parade. There was a whole army! They had so many different uniforms, different types of soldiers and even a woman unit. At first it was a bit funny to us because some of the units had some sort of weird walk, but I guess every unit had a different marching. Then those special units came along and we suddenly stopped laughing because their way of marching was quite intimidating. It was like they are really going into war and they had those huge guns and other military equipment, and their faces were camouflaged with colour and so on. It was quite interesting to see, but I have to admit that everything connected to army always makes me feel a bit disappointed by the world and people. I always connect soldiers with killings and blood and mess in general. So I felt like I’m surrounded with some negative vibes I guess.
After all the soldiers passed us by we decided to go to the park where there were some more soldiers. Actually they had some military equipment and vehicles and it was open for public, so everyone could see some of the military technology and transportation. I have to admit, that was quite interesting to see, because usually we see this kind of things just in the movies. But still, when I think about all the money that is spent on this kind of things and I ask myself why exactly do we need all of this… I’m not quite sure what to think. I’m not saying soldiers are bad people, far from that, I know most of them are awesome guys and I know they are there to protect the country and people, but at the end we still connect military with some sort of violence and war, so I guess that’s why I don’t like it. Though I admit, I was impressed by the 3D technology they have for aerial view… =D
Anyway, enough said about the soldiers in the city. You have photos in the gallery anyway, and I wanted to make a short video of marching but I’m having some problems with software so I’ll try to do that later.
Well, after that Damir and I went to do some grocery shopping and we returned home quite late. None of us felt like cooking something time-consuming, so we made some spaghetti with vegetables and tomato sauce. Most simple lunch I guess. =)
Then I Skyped with my family again and they were really happy to see and talk to me. I updated them on my Lisbon trip. =) And it’s really funny to talk to anyone from Slovenia at the moment because they have snow and many people are whining about it, but then I post a photo of a sunny day here and I feel awesome because I know many people would love to change for the weather we have. =D Now we have some friends here, Gaja is helping them with homework. Then we’ll see, maybe we’ll hang out a bit. =)


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