Sentimental me (day 37)

Day 37 – Friday, 26.10.2012
Alarm clock ringing in the morning… Oh why?!?! The moment I wanted to put it to sleep mode I realized that this time I can’t, because I really had to wake up to be at the class in time. We were 5 minutes late, but that’s ok because at that time only Gaja and I were there and some class mate that’s always on time. The professor came like 15 minutes late and we were still the only three students there. Others came from 20 – 90 minutes late. Seriously, being late here is even more common than in Slovenia, it’s crazy!
Ok so at first it looked like Gaja and I were the only ones with finished homework (which was the one made with Hasselblad), but then some other class mate came that had it done too. Then we developed films and it was quite interesting to stand in the dark room again where you have no idea where all the people are. We did the same on Monday when we developed films, and sure we had to do it again. This time Gaja went out of the room because she gets a bit claustrophobic when the lights go out. I must admit, it is a bit weird and uncomfortable, but I survive it. =)
Anyway, when the films were developed we checked what was on them. Gaja and I saw it right away, our films were blank! We were wandering why, what happened, what we did wrong? Even the professor wasn’t sure so he got the camera and we went through the process of inserting the film again and obviously we did everything right. Then we noticed what was wrong. We got a damaged camera and the shutter was closed all the time or something like that. Now we have to make the same homework all over again. But ok, this time it will be faster because we already know which locations we want to shoot and how to use the camera properly. Still, we were quite disappointed. But the professor said to us: “I’m so sorry this happened to you. I really like you girls because I can see your head is on the right place.” =D We felt kind of flattered to hear those words and we realized that obviously he noticed that we want to be there, we want to work and we are trying. So I think we will get along quite well with this professor. =) And also I have to say it again, we like the class mates. We don’t really talk much, but still, we can see we can ask them for some help and they smile and they are in general very positive people. And ok, I admit, I think one of the guys is really cute… =P
Ok enough about this. =D On our way home Gaja went to some photo studio to give them some colour film she had to develop. I was surprised how nice office and studio was! I worked through the summer in one, but when I saw this one I noticed how much more professional it looked like! It had more space, even some cute bench for customers to wait there, really nice choice of framings and so on. I liked it a lot! I guess I was just impressed because it was just so totally different of the one I worked in. =) But the prices are pretty much the same.
After the lunch we went to pick up the developed film and also we went to some Chinese shop to buy the clothing drying rack, because I think now there is too many rainy days and we can’t always dry clothes outside.
And later I Skyped with my family and they put my dog in front of the camera, but he still doesn’t get the point of it… =D He has no idea where I am or where my voice is coming from. But he obviously hears the words because he jumped suddenly when I mentioned I have some meat for him… Haha! =D Dogs… you just have to love them! =D My family said that a lot of people say they are reading my blog, even some family friends and distant relatives. It feels nice to see people care about you and they didn’t forget all about you. So thank you all of my friends and relatives that read this and follow my “adventures”! =D I think that now I’m starting to realize that all of you mean much more to me than I thought before. =)
Anyway, enough said, I’m getting sentimental now. =) The point is that Gaja and I are going to Lisbon tomorrow and we can’t wait to see the city! We hope the weather will hold! So next time, photos from Lisbon are coming! =)
Good night and a lot of hugs and kisses from Portugal! =)

Just simply me… =)


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