Homework (day 36)

Day 36 – Thursday, 25.10.2012
We woke up in another rainy morning. Oh well, I guess we need some rain too. =) I finished my homework and so on, really nothing special and worth mentioning. =)
After lunch Gaja and I went to school because we had a class of Digital Photography. Today we were learning about studio photography. We already worked with lights and flashes, but not much, so it’s always good for us to repeat these things. So the teacher showed us how to use that equipment and what does specific flash or light do, what effect the diffusor has and so on. It was ok, but well, that’s something you have to take some time and try it yourself because I believe that when someone is just showing you, you never really get the point, even if you think you know everything, you don’t. =) And because it’s really awesome that we can reserve the studio any time, we will probably try that some time, so we’ll get some experiences. Yay! =)
And today it was really funny when we talked to some Spanish Erasmus students and Gaja asked one of them if they know anyone that would be willing to model for her fashion photos and the guy said he’s a model at home and he even does some cat walk. It’s funny how things turn out sometimes, right? =D
Here are some photos from yesterday and they were my homework for today. We had to edit some photos, just colors and contrasts and so on.


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