Hasselblad 501 and Portuguese (days 34-35)

Day 34 – Tuesday, 23.10.2012
I thought it’s going to rain in the morning and obviously the forecast I was checking was wrong again. I got used to that now… I think… maybe… =) Anyway, because it was sunny I thought I could put my bedding in the washer and while the machine was working I went to the shop. I bought a really nice purple blanket that was actually very cheap but it feels the same quality as any other. And it looks nice so I think it will be very useful when it gets colder and I’ll be able to roll in the blanket with some tea in my hands… ah yes… =)
Anyway, then I went to Lidl too and again I was surprised as usually. I try to calculate how much will it cost and I usually buy quite an amount of groceries and again I was wrong. It’s always less than I expect it to be. =)
When I returned I put the laundry on a cloth line and it was quite a project because the sheets are quite large and I had to figure out what is the best way to put it on the cloth line. Well, obviously there must be some even better way because when I was picking the laundry it was all messed up because of the wind. Damn it! Though when I noticed the neighbors clothing I realized mine looked alright. =)

That’s what happens to clothes when it’s windy… =)

Anyway, Gaja and I went outside to my “Area 5” where we were supposed to take some photos with Hasselblad. Yay! =D We managed to put the film inside at home, but we didn’t rewind it forward at first so when we started taking photos it didn’t actually work yet and thankfully we realized that when the number 1 appeared… So we went to those locations where we were at first and we shot them again.
At first we were standing on a sidewalk and suddenly someone starts ringing with the bicycle and we thought to ourselves: “Idiot, you have enough space to pass by!” but then we turned around and it was Lucas, the Brazilian guy. He always approaches in this kind of ways that we always think it’s some weird maniac behind us. Haha! =D We talked a bit and then he went away and some other guy passed us by and he was smiling at us. That guy returned back like a minute later and said to us: “I have the same camera at home, do you want to buy it?! If you change your mind I live in that building on second floor.” Ok… weird… =D
Anyway, there was another funny situation when we were on the corner of the street and some old man turns from the main street to the one we were standing in. He started to talk through closed car window and we couldn’t hear. Gaja went closer to talk to him and he didn’t speak English, but he did speak German. =) He though we work for some public company that will fix the street these days. It was funny. =D
Ok so we did my part of homework and I hope the results will turn out well. I must say I quite enjoyed working with Hasselblad once I got used to it and so on. It’s really interesting when you have analog camera in your hands and you really have to think about what will you photograph and which composition do you want… I hope I did well. =)
In the afternoon we went outside again to do the same homework for Gaja. So we changed the film in the camera and Gaja got her hands on it. =) She wanted to take photos of those long one way streets where there are cars parked on each side. It’s really quite interesting, but there was a problem because she had to be in the middle of the street when taking photos and photographing with Hasselblad takes some time… =) So I was like a security guard and I was checking if any cars are coming and so on. So now you know, being a photographer can be dangerous, exciting and can pump adrenaline all over your body. =P We are extremists! =P
Oh and I got the package from home today and it included my analog Canon AE-1 camera, because obviously I might need it from time to time. And because there was still some room left in the package my family added some Slovenian chestnuts that they picked in the woods. =D So that was our dinner and it we were happy to eat Slovenian food! =D

Day 35 – Wednesday, 24.10.2012
Again I woke up first and I didn’t have any work to do, so I watched some True Blood series again… =) And it was raining outside, but few hours later it was sunny again, then cloudy, sunny, rainy, sunny, cloudy… It just keeps on changing! Anyway, I was a good housekeeper in the morning and I cleaned the bathroom so it’s squeaky clean now. =)
Later Gaja and I went to school because we had to return the Hasselblad and the tripod that we borrowed there. Then we went to Vivaci and through the park where I took some photos with my SLR camera, because I need that for some other homework. Soon after we returned home it started to rain again and I was looking through my window and I noticed some fat pigeon on the roof bellow. Poor guy couldn’t fly away or something, at least it looked like that. I thought maybe his wing was damaged but then we realized that he was probably just wet and couldn’t fly because of that. But when it started to rain even heavily he obviously got himself together and managed to fly away to safety. Poor pigeon…
Late in the afternoon we started with our first Portuguese language course. Finally we’ll learn more than just few words! =D Well we actually had to write down some words and phrases that we already know and we realized we know more than just 10 words, it’s around 20-30, so we’re not that bad… =D And it was nice because we already know all the classmates or at least we already met them. And also the teacher is very nice, she’s probably not much older than us. I think we’ll like this class. And it’s actually like the A1 class, which means we’ll get the knowledge that is according to EU language standards and we’ll be able to put it in our resume one day. That might be useful. =)
Adeus e boa noite! =D


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