Class turns out well (day 33)

Day 33 – Monday, 22.10.2012
It was so warm under the blanket in the morning! I just didn’t want to get up! But I got myself together and I went to the kitchen to make myself some warm tea. That felt nice. =) A bit later when we all woke up Damir and I went to some larger shop called Continent. He was there few times before but I wasn’t, so I really wanted to check what they have that maybe I can’t get in other shops. It turned out they have a lot of different teas, so I guess that’s good to know now that winter is coming. =) I’m a big tea lover.
Anyway, when we returned it was almost lunch time and Damir had to rush to school a bit earlier. Gaja and I had enough time to cook and eat in peace with no rush. Then we first went through the park because there was still some film left in the analog camera from yesterday. So Gaja took some photos there and it was interesting because it looked like the swan is posing for us! We’ll see how the actual photos will turn out! =D
Then we had the class of Photography 2, where we usually sit and listen to Portuguese lessons and we don’t understand anything. Well this time it was different. It started like usual and it seemed like professor might be ignoring us again, but suddenly he came to us and explained what we were going to do. We were developing films today and it was more practical work than before, so professor talked to us a bit, explained how developing works, which substances we need, the temperature and so on. We knew some of these things before, because we already developed some films last year, but we still needed to hear this information again. And I think I’d need to hear it few more times before really remembering it but since I usually don’t take photos on film I don’t think it’s that important for me to remember everything. =)
Anyway, the class today was quite nice and it was great working in some real room that is actually meant for film developing and so on. And as I said, it was nice to see professor isn’t ignoring us and he was actually really friendly, so I think this class just might work out as I would like it to. =) Things always turn out well when you really want them to. Sometime you just have to think positive and everything sorts out for itself. =) Yay!
So that’s pretty much everything worth mentioning today. Oh and we borrowed the Hasselblad today, so tomorrow we have some shooting to do! =D Homework time! =D I hope the weather stays well.


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