Sunny sunday (day 32)

Day 32 – Sunday, 21.10.2012
So last night we didn’t have the movie night together and I watched the movie alone. But after that it seemed like all of us got a bit hungry so we all went to the kitchen at the same time. And while eating we started to chat and all three of us are very talkative people. So it turned out we sat in the kitchen and talked for almost four hours! We went to sleep at around 2am! =D
In the morning we slept a bit longer and when we ate breakfast the time was already around 11am. Gaja and I went outdoors later to take some photos on a film, because that was our homework. It was really nice to be outside on a sun and the temperatures were just perfect, and again we enjoyed the park… Then we walked around the town as well and we took some interesting photos. We’ll see how they turn out when we develop film. =)
When we returned home it was almost 4pm and it was about time we make some lunch. Then I edited some photos and enjoy the sun in my room… I really like that I have the afternoon sun and it shines directly on my chair. It feels almost like being outdoors if I open the window! =D
So I put some photos from today in the gallery and all of them were made with my Olympus TG-620 (Which I love by the way and I have it my purse all the time now!). Some are from the park and the windows are part of my homework that I had to make on the film.


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