Crazy people… (day 31)

Day 31 – Saturday, 20.10.2012
Woke up, put laundry in the washing machine and used my eco-friendly washing soap in there (I have some allergies and my skin doesn’t like the washing soap we have now, so I hope this one will be better. I had quite a mission “impossible” to get some more eco and skin-friendly soap!). Then I made myself some hot cocoa and it felt so good to sit in the kitchen, watch the street below and have a cup of cocoa in your hands. =D
Then I did some stuff on my computer, put the laundry on a clothing line (and it was not very pleasant because it was quite cold outside in the morning and the laundry was wet so you can imagine…), then we all went to the fruit market together. Then Gaja went her own way while Damir and I went to Lidl together. This time I bought some more food so my food shelf will not get empty right away. =)
When we returned home it was already lunch time. Then we were cleaning around the flat and again we couldn’t believe how much dust we have here! It’s like we never cleaned before but we clean few times a week! And I thought we have a lot of dust at home, but obviously it’s even worse here! And we don’t have a vacuum cleaner so it’s even harder to clean with only broom or by cleaning the floor with some water… The afternoon was really nice and sunny so my window was open all the time. It was really nice and I put my legs on a window shelf to expose them to sun a bit. =D It was nice and peaceful… Oh, no, wait, stop there. It was not peaceful because our stupid neighbor on the other side of the “yard” was playing some music very loud! And it was the genre of music that I really don’t like or I survive it when I’m at some party, but not on daily basis! Damn you neighbor! And this stupid music was turned on very loud for about 4 or 5 hours! Crazy people… Well I turned on my music a bit louder in hope I’ll be able to listen only my music. That didn’t work as I thought it will, but it was still better than only neighbors music. =)
Then I picked the clothing and put another round of clothes on the clothing line. And now we had a bit of a problem because we knew that sun will go down before they will get totally dry. So now the spare bedroom became our drying room and there are clothes all over the beds and tables. We need to buy some stand to put in that room or in the bathroom. =)
And today I started to film my view through the window and I’m planning to make a short video out of that. And while looking outside I noticed a peace of pizza on the roof under my window. What the hell?! Why is there a pizza on a rooftop?! It’s like someone had enough of it and just threw some outside. Again I have to say this: Crazy people! =)
Now I think we’ll have a bit of a movie night. We’ll just gather in our living room and find the most comfortable places on a couch or siting pillows on the floor and enjoy the movie. =)


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