Learning with Hasselblad (day 30)

Day 30 – Friday, 19.10.2012
Alarm clock at 7:40… I press the sleep button. Just give me 5 more minutes! And then I had to wake up and slowly get ready because our class started at 9:00. We were like 5 minutes late, but that’s ok because there were only two people and the teacher and they didn’t start yet. Portugal… =D When we started we checked our homework which was in my case, that “Area 5” homework. I showed my photos and the professor didn’t say anything bad about them, he was just a bit surprised because I was obviously a bit fascinated with the facades of buildings that were made with ceramic tiles and the way pavements were paved. It was obvious that was something new to me and he understood that. But he noticed that I paid a lot of attention to the graffiti and the signatures around the area, so he told me I should try to combine that with other things I notice in the area. So I was quite happy that he gave me this kind of opinion.
Then we worked with Hasselblad medium format camera and he told us all about the use of it how to insert the film and so on. It was really good to get the instructions because now it’s up to us to use the camera and make our homework with it. So during the week that’s what’s waiting for us. It’s quite exciting but also a bit scary at the same time. =D
And I have to say it again, but the classmates here are really nice too. It’s no problem for them to help us if we need anything and they are just really friendly, though we didn’t talk with them very much. But I like it that the whole class is more relaxed and they laugh and in general there is a lot of positive energy. So yes, I like this class. =)
After the class Gaja and I went home, made some lunch and then we went to the center where we met with Wal, a girl from Brazil that’s here for this semester as well. She’s really nice company and it’s always great to chat with her. We were there for about three hours and meanwhile it started to rain and then it changed to sunny again. It’s weird this weather… =) Oh and while we were sitting there some lady went to the shop close by and she was yelling something, Wal said it was something about smoking. But ok, we ignored that, we just thought that lady is a bit weird. And after like 5 minutes the lady came out of the shop yelling again and as Wal said, she was cursing and saying really nasty things! Crazy lady! And she went down the street about 100m and yelled some more, then she turned back and passed by and started to yell again… We have no idea what was wrong with here but obviously she was not normal. It was actually pretty disturbing. People are weird sometimes…
After that Gaja and I went to school to make a reservation for that Hasselblad camera. Again we were quite surprised about the nice attitude of the guy that works there. It’s really amazing how most people here are so nice and they really try to help you! =) And after that we went to the shop and we returned home when the sun was already down. Then it was dinner time and now here I am, writing this post… That was my day. =)


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