Another lazy day (day 29)

Day 29 – Thursday, 18.10.2012
Oh another cloudy morning… I slept a bit longer again and it felt sooooo good to just stay in bed and cuddle with my blanket. =) When I ate my breakfast I thought about going to buy some groceries, but then I didn’t feel like it. Damn you lazy mood! =) And so another morning went by and I didn’t do anything really productive. Ok I did talk to my brother and I checked some things I wanted to check on the internet and so on. Other than that I admit, I didn’t do anything really worth mentioning.
In the afternoon we had class of Digital Photography and it was quite nice to go through Adobe Bridge and Camera Raw settings again. Ok I knew most of the stuff already, but still, it was educational and I still learned some new tricks I didn’t know before. And that professor is really nice and he’s always checking on us Erasmus students and if we understand everything and so on. Thumbs up for him! =) Awesome guy!
After the class Gaja and I stepped through the school front door and noticed they are making a bar there! Really, like a beer stand or something! Ok so we guessed there will be some party this weekend. When we came home and talked to Damir he said that he asked what’s going on with that bar and they said there is going to be party tonight. Seriously? Tonight? It’s not even the weekend! I have classes tomorrow morning! Crazy Portuguese party people… =) And the party isn’t supposed to start before midnight! Well I admit, I would love to go, but I have to wake up in the morning and go to the class and I really don’t feel like being all sleepy then. I’ll rather just jump in my PJ’s and go to sleep. Looks like I’m just not ordinary Erasmus student. =) Actually, none of us is, not Damir, not Gaja and not me. We like to have fun, but we’re totally not such party animals as most of other students. And we like it this way. =)


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