Rainy day (day 28)

Day 28 – Wednesday, 17.10.2012
In the middle of the night I heard some unusual sound, it was like someone would be throwing small stones in my window. Then I realized that it’s raining so I jumped out of my bed and closed the window before I get a flood in my room! =D
When I woke up it was still cloudy rainy day and I felt so lazy. So I started to watch True Blood again and I just felt like that for most of the morning. Well, why not, some days it’s ok to just be lazy and relax a bit. And I started to work on design for my website that I’m planning to put online next year. Then I cooked some lunch and returned to my computer again. So I guess today it’s really perfect day to be lazy. =D Later I’m going to watch some movie that we’re supposed to check for homework. Other than that, I don’t think I’ll do anything much more productive today. It’s my day off and I like it. =P Though I would rather have a sunny day and go to Peniche to check some more surfing, but oh well, I guess not today…


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