Start of the week (days 26-27)

Day 26 – Monday, 15.10.2012
Stupid sand from the beach! I cleaned the floor yesterday but I could still feel the sand under my feet… Ok so I cleaned the floor again. I hope it will last. =) And all that positive energy from the day before just stayed on us! Smiling all the time! =D And I drank some bHIP Blue after a long time, and that kept me going even more. Energy level just boosted up! =)
In the afternoon we had a class of Photography II again and we hoped it will get more interesting considering the professor said we will start with practical part now. And so Gaja and I were there 13:55, the class should begin at 14:00. We were the only ones there… At 14:00 two more people showed up. Ok, so I guess we’re not the only ones. We already wandered if maybe we don’t know something, maybe the class is off or something. At around 14:10 there were 4 more people waiting and soon after that the professor showed up. I don’t know when I’ll get used to this Portuguese timing. It’s not much better back in Slovenia I guess, but I think here is even worse. And when we already start the class some people came in like two hours late! I don’t get that…
Anyway, we realized there was homework and we didn’t have it because we left the class a bit early the last time (because we didn’t understand anything and we gave up on siting there). So students showed some of their photos that I think should tell us a story. I have to admit, those photos didn’t affect me at all. To be a bit harsh, but I dare to say most of them looked totally amateur. Well, nothing wrong with that, we’re all learning. What bothered me was that again we were there for two hours and nobody said anything to us in English, not even the professor. It’s like we don’t exist! They were talking about those photos, what’s good, what’s bad and so on, but we didn’t know what they were saying. So during the break we went to talk to the professor and asked him if we could meet him before or after the class because we don’t understand anything. And he said that we should be at the class and we will “get a hold of Portuguese language” and we can see what others are doing and that’s good for us. Well no, we will not “get the hold of the language” that way, sorry! And we told him we didn’t know there was homework and he said: “It’s not homework, it’s work!” Well… ok… I still don’t know what that supposed to mean. =)
Gaja and I were thinking about changing the class but we couldn’t find anything else we would be interested in or it crosses our other classes. So I guess we’re stuck with this subject. I think the subject itself is pretty great, but I really hope we’ll be able to follow the classes and to get some time with the professor so we’ll be able to talk in English. Because we want to work, we want to follow the classes, but it feels like professor doesn’t want to work with us. Oh well, we’ll stay optimistic. =)
After the class Gaja and I went to Vivaci shopping mall and I bought myself some really cute shirt and I can’t wait to wear it. =D It’s just… perfect! =D Then we went home and quite early in the evening I felt all that energy level go down, down, down. I guess Peniche day came after me… =)

Day 27 – Tuesday, 16.10.2012
We woke up in a cloudy morning. I was a bit disappointed and I went to check the weather forecast right away. It didn’t look good. Cloudy and rainy days ahead of us… Oh well, I guess we need that too. But I still gathered all of my energy together and managed to go out and take some photos of my “Area 5” again. Homework needs to be done. =) And also I went to the shop and to the fruit market.
When I returned home I put the laundry on a clothes line and I don’t know why, but I like doing that. =) Then I talked to my dad and my brother a bit, surfed on the internet and so on. I checked some pages that could maybe help me get to Erasmus practice next year or maybe some other way to live in different country again. We’ll see. =) Today Gaja cooked lunch and it felt quite nice to be lazy and not bother with cooking for a change. =D
And I took some time to edit some more photos from Peniche so you can check them in previous blog post. I just added them in that gallery.
Other than that the rest of the day was nothing special. I relaxed a bit, surf the internet, worked out a bit and so on. And I have to admit; sometimes I just sit down and enjoy the happiness and positive energy that is in me. It’s actually pretty amazing… =D


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