Best feelings (days 24-25)

Day 24 – Saturday, 13.10.2012
It was another a bit lazy morning and we all slept a bit longer (well, for me it was until 8:30…). =) Then I put my white Nike shoes in a washer because they were dirty and I realized that they are not getting out much whiter… Damn you white shoes, you never get all cleaned! =/
Well after my talk with white Nikes, Damir and I went to Eleclerc on the opposite part of the city, because we had to buy some groceries. On our way there we stopped at few skate/surf shops to check it out a bit and Damir needed new shoes anyway. He bought himself a bmx bike last evening and now he needed some shoes, because he only had flip-flops and some rock shoes that are really not appropriate for and sports… =) So we had like a shopping spree… Haha! =D
At the evening I decided to bake something, because we had a lot of apples that needed to be eaten soon or they would “die”. So I made something with polenta, raisins, soy milk and apples of course. I realized I didn’t buy cinnamon so it didn’t turn out as tasty as it could be, but it was still eatable, or maybe even good. =) And it was weird because we kind of forget about this food when it was in the oven and I was already panicking that it’s probably burned, because I wanted to bake it for 10 minutes and it was already 30! And when we opened the oven we realized that it’s still far from baked, so we left it in there for another 15 and it was just right. Funny oven… =)

Day 25 – Sunday, 14.10.2012
Alarm clock at 7:30… Oh why… I push the sleep button and so it starts ringing again in 5 minutes… I push the button again… Another 5 minutes… Then I say to myself: “Oh no, not today! You HAVE to wake up!” So I had some breakfast, got dressed and packed everything I wanted to in my backpack. When all three of us got ready the clock was already 9:25 or something like that. We had to hurry to the bus station! We made it and catch the bus at 9:30.
We were driving out of Caldas da Rainha. Our first trip out of the town on our own! =) The bus drove through the Obidos that looked quite charming town! It has a huge medieval wall all around and some really interesting buildings. We have to stop there some day and check it out. And the bus drove through the Baleal and we got all excited when we saw all those houses and shops with signs like “Surf school”, “Surf shop”, “Surfing camp” and so on… We were like little kids! =D
Where did we go? To Peniche! It’s the time of Rip Curl Pro now and we really wanted to check it out and see how the best man and women surf… =) Well the bus driver told us he will stop us somewhere close to the event area. And so he did. Or at least we thought so… And we didn’t really ask where the event is and there were no special signs to lead us there. Really, no banners or anything that would tell you where to go, no matter if you’re by foot or by car! So we walked along the cost, Gaja and I got those big eyes and smiles on our faces when we passed by some sexy surf guys with bare feet, surfs in their hands and with neoprene suits half dressed… Damn! =D
Ok yeah, so we were walking along the coast and came to some cliffs. The first view at that was so fascinating! And as we walked further the views became even more amazing and my smile got even larger. At some locations it was especially awesome because when I was standing at the edge of the cliff I was able to see, hear, and FEEL the waves when they hit the rocks. It was the best feeling of freedom I’ve ever had! It was really exactly what I wanted to experience, it was PERFECT! It was actually so perfect I can say that was really the most amazing thing and it made the whole day one of the best days in my life. Maybe some people will not understand, but it is how I feel and I can’t help it. And it was really warm and sunny and awesome weather. So I guess all my dreams about living in California one day could really be what I want. I don’t know. But what I do know is that sea side makes me happy. =)
Well after a long walk we asked one guy which way should we go to find Rip Curl Pro and he said we were walking in wrong direction. So we had to turn around and walk back and a bit further, so I guess we walked like 15km today… Or at least I calculated something like that by checking Google maps. =) Though I’d say the walk was totally worth it. And at the end we found the event. The downside is that about 10 minutes after we arrived and sat down on the lovely sandy beach the weather changed. Suddenly it became all grey and cloudy and cold winds started to blow. We found some shelter at one of the promotion tents. We waited there for a while because it wasn’t very pleasant outside. We’ll the rain stopped, but the cold and windy grey weather stayed. Despite the weather some guys were still catching the waves and so we decided to check it out and enjoy it for a while, despite the cold winds. The waves weren’t very high and there was not so much surfing, but we still saw some action and it was really nice. Then we had to go to catch our bus, because in case we would want to stay longer we would have a bus really late and because we weren’t dressed for such cold weather we rather went home. But we decided that we’ll come back on Tuesday or Wednesday when the weather will be a better.
After seeing Peniche I think I’m even more sure I’d love to try to surf and I’d love to have a camper van… =) I’m dreaming about a van with surf on a roof and my trekking bike at the back… You never know, maybe it just might happen. =D


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