Just simply me (days 22-23)

Day 22 – Thursday, 11.10.2012
The morning was spent with some more photo editing and finishing my homework and so on. And I Skyped with my brother and my mom again and it was funny because I heard the door bell and Damir answered and he said there is some package. I was surprised when I figured it was the package for me. I didn’t expect it yet because my family sent it on Monday and the package already came. Quite fast! So I got a winter coat from home, another shoes, graphic tablet and so on. =) Then I made myself some lunch a bit early and at the afternoon Gaja and I had a class of Digital Photography.
We worked with Adobe Bridge at the class and it was fine, though I already knew most of the things that were said. But still, at least it wasn’t boring and obviously we did our homework quite well. Our professor is really nice and it’s great that he always stops by and asks if we know what to do and if we understand. So yeah, that’s really nice.
At the evening I decided to watch some movie and this time I picked 500 Days of Summer. I heard a lot of positive feedbacks and I have to admit, it really is awesome. I really like the story, but the best thing is the way it’s all put together and all the mixture of timing and some drawing in the middle and so on. It just fits together so well! And I loved the part where Tom and Summer sit on a bench and Tom is talking about the buildings. Then he is saying that most people don’t notice architecture, they just see the ugly things… I knew exactly what he meant because I feel like that very often too. I notice small beautiful details in architecture, or I see old buildings and I say how beautiful they are, because I see their potential if they would be renovated, or maybe I just see how gorgeous they were once. I don’t know exactly. I just know I love architecture and all the details, so I understood what Tom was saying in the movie. =)
And since I’m here for three weeks now I dare to say this… I love that there is no spiders here! I don’t know why or how this is possible but really, I haven’t seen any spiders yet! Ok, there was one small one in the shower when we were still at girl residence and one small one in the bathroom here in our apartment. Well today there was one really small one (like 4x4mm size) on my leg. Well yeah, I have arachnophobia and spiders scare the sh** out of me. Well this one was small so I was still able to rescue myself. =) But other than these small spiders I’m really happy that I don’t have to bump into them daily. It looks like I found the perfect place to live. =D

Day 23 – Friday, 12.10.2012
Finally not so ordinary morning! I woke up, had breakfast and so on, but then Gaja and I had a class of Photography for 3rd year. It was the first time we had this class and we were quite excited about it. A friend that was on Erasmus exchange here last year, warned us that we should avoid the professor that teaches this class. But we insisted and we wanted to see it for ourselves. And he was totally different that we imagined! He was actually really nice and helpful; he told us everything that we needed to know in English, he explained everything about the subject and the homework and so on. After the class we met him in the town center so that he checked if we found the right locations where we are supposed to take photos and so on. I hope he stays this way and our friends opinion turns out to be wrong. =) And if we got the right feeling about this professor I have to say that sometimes you just have to try it for yourself and forget about what others say about some people. Maybe it’s just them that don’t get along with some people, but maybe you’ll do just fine. =)
After lunch I went outside a bit to check my area for homework and I already took some photos really fast. It was more of a research and checking the area than actually taking photos. I had “Zone 5”. And we’re supposed to take photos with our mobile phones for this homework, but my Portuguese phone doesn’t have a camera worth mentioning so I took my Olympus TG-620 with me.
While I was walking around and taking photos I noticed that it’s very usual here to just stop in the middle of the street with your car and take some stuff in our out of the car. Some woman did that and there was a whole line of cars behind her. What surprised me was that there were no car horns to be heard. Obviously people here are used to wait and not to hurry anywhere or what? Because later it happened again, in the same street! This time there was a huge truck turning and it was really just few centimeters away from some parked car and on the other side just few centimeters of a traffic sign. But the truck driver did a great job and he actually made it out without damaging the truck or anything else. Crazy drivers! =D
And these days I’m having this feeling that everything is just as it’s supposed to be, like I’m on a right path and everything is going to be really well. I just feel so happy! We’ll, I have to admit, I’m happy person in general anyway and I’m a huge optimist and I always find something good in every bad thing (though even I have a bad day here and there), but now it’s a bit different feeling. It’s really just… perfect. =)


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