Lazy cloudy days (days 20-21)

Day 20 – Tuesday, 9.10.2012
Another ordinary day when we wake up, eat our breakfast and go to the market. But this time it was a bit different. We went to the marked and bought some bananas. Now you’re probably asking yourself why am I mentioning bananas. Well the thing is that Damir had to shoot some short video for one of his classes. It had to be something about him transforming into something that he isn’t. He decided to become a monkey.
So we went to the park and hang some bananas on a tree. Of course everybody was watching us like we escaped from some mental hospital or something. =) Then Gaja stayed at the tree and made sure our bananas are secured, while I was in charge of camera. So we filmed hungry Damir passing a food stand and a restaurant, but then Gaja walks by with a banana in her hands. He goes a bit further and notices a tree (actually it was a chestnut tree) with bananas on it. Then I make a close-up with bananas and when the camera turns Damir is already hanging from the tree and eating a banana. That’s why I call him Monkey Boy now… =)
So yeah, we actually had quite some fun with filming that. =) Then we went to the market for real. And I really have to mention that these days the air here is really heavy and full of moisture. When I check the weather online it says it’s about 90% moisture here! So it’s really weird because it’s quite warm at the same time and sometimes there is even some wind, so we’re a bit confused about what to wear these days. It’s like Katy Perry song Hot and Cold. =)
Afternoon was really lazy, cloudy and gray, so Gaja and I watched some more True Blood series. It’s crazy, but we’re like addicted to it or something. =) Also I was spying on that huge cat again… It’s so funny and cute, though it gets a bit creepy when I notice the cat is watching me back. =S Cats are weird, FACT! =)

Day 21 – Wednesday, 10.10.2012

True Blood time again… =) We both finished with 2nd season today… Now it’s time to take some break from it. We have to. Though the weather sucks anyway so we’re not in the mood to do anything more productive these days. =)
Other than that we went to some store today and I bought a sketch book, so I’ll be a bit creative. I like to draw sometimes, though I’m not very good at it. But I like to draw simple things. =) So I made a concept of my future website, so now I have some idea how I would like it to look like. And we also passed by a fitness center and we went to ask what are the prices, because we were thinking about going to a gym in winter. We’ll see, but this one is really just close to our apartment so it’s quite convenient. I’ll check some more gyms and I’m even thinking about maybe taking some latin dance classes, because I used to train these dances when I was a kid and I still regret for stopping that… But I guess back than I had a good reason to stop.
Other than that there was nothing special today. It’s evening now and we just ate some cooked sweet corn that I bought yesterday. It was delicious dinner. =)
Now I think I will watch Dirty Dancing Havana Nights now. I don’t know, I’m in the mood for some Latino energy. =) Maybe it convinces me to really start dancing again. =)


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