Ordinary days (days 18-19)

Day 18 – Sunday, 7.10.2012
This day was really nothing special. Went to the market and to some shop nearby, had lunch, did some photo editing again and so on.
In the afternoon I had enough of being indoors so I decided to go out in a park for a while. It was really nice, warm and sunny weather so I wanted to enjoy it while it lasts! Gaja decided to stay at home, but Damir was quite happy with the idea, so we went to the park together. We sat on a bench there, talked and watched the people. It was actually quite fun to see different people, their habits, how they dress, what they do… Next to us there was some old grandma and her grandson and they played football. It was quite funny to watch the old lady kick the ball. =D Also it was quite fun to observe the dogs in the park. There are a lot of them and sometimes they play together, other times they start a fight. In any case it’s interesting to watch.
After the park we went to the shopping center where we checked the prices for scooters. We realized that maybe that wouldn’t be such a bad idea, considering it doesn’t take so much space at the apartment and it’s cheaper than a bike… We’ll see… =) Though I don’t know how it would go riding a scooter all the way to the beach, because it’s not so close, about 10km…
At the evening I decided to start watching True Blood, because I already like Vampire Diaries and everyone is talking about it… And oh boy I was doomed in first few minutes… I watched it until 2 a.m.! Damn series, they always just suck you in!

Day 19 – Monday, 8.10.2012
Today was another ordinary morning, though I couldn’t resist the need for more True Blood series… =) I told Gaja about it and now she’s crazy about it too… =D She started to watch and couldn’t stop… But we found time to cook lunch together and then we had school anyway.
We had Photography II again and we hoped that today it’s going to be more practical but we were wrong. Professor said that we should stay because he will tell us all about basics of photography. Oh come on, not the shutter speeds and aperture values again! And again he was talking in Portuguese all the time so it was not even refreshing the memory! It was torture! I almost fell asleep few times, so did Gaja. And when we looked at two other Erasmus students it looked like we’re doing pretty much the same… One of the girls literally feel asleep and her head would fall down if it wasn’t for her friend that grabbed her pony tail and hold it, so the head was still up, like the girl is awake and listening. =) It was actually really funny. =D
So after the break we decided to leave the class and go home. It was enough for one day. Next time I think we will finally come to some exercises, so we can’t wait to start with practical work.
And today it was quite surprising how hot it was outside. Cloudy but hot. It was that kind of hot when you just now it’s going to rain really soon, the whole air is pressing down… But I just don’t get it why most of the people are already dressed for colder weather. Most of them wear long pants and shirts with sweaters or jackets over. Then I look like an idiot in short pants and shirt with no sleeves! I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but I get the feeling that really everyone is staring at me when I have short pants or a skirt. Obviously they can’t imagine I think it’s still warm?! I don’t know.
Oh and when we returned home, guess what we did? We watched some more episodes of True Blood… =) Damn it! I decided to clean the floor a bit, so I got the feeling I did something useful today and not all the time was spent checking that series. =)


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