First homework (day 17)

Today I did some laundry in the morning, then Gaja and I went to the shop and when we returned most of the clothes were already on a clothing line outside, because Damir was so good and he did that work instead of us. Though I know he meant good, but since I usually don’t iron most of the clothes I was a bit disappointed when I saw clothes were not so nicely put on a line… =) But ok, they got dry and I folded them nicely so I still think I will not have to iron them. =) But I really don’t know what makes the difference between here and back at home when it comes to traces of clothes pegs. At home I don’t have problems with that, but here there are always traces! I’ll try to figure it out. And also today I translated the machine washer basic instructions, because there are only numbers on a washer and the instructions we had on a paper were in Portuguese… =)
In the afternoon Gaja and I went outside to take some photos for our homework. I think we were able to finish most of it, though there is still some work left for tomorrow. But hey, we did some work and that counts too! And we managed to spend some time out in the park again, which is always awesome! =D

Panning exercise with Gaja as my moving object =)

Some more panning on a swing…

Oh and also we went to some Chinese shop near the market and we realized it has pretty much everything. But it’s really a nice shop, it has order and system and it’s no problem for you to get around. So yeah, we really like the shop and if I could I’d buy half of things there. So many nice things! I really loved some boxes, and clocks and so much more… =)
Anyway, before I forget to mention, I decorated my room with some paper or wooden (I’m still not sure which material it is) balls and put them on a wall. Some of them are still waiting for my work to be done, but at least some are already making my room a bit funky. I like it.
Balls on my wall

And it’s Saturday night! So what did we do? We went to our lovely living room and played Scrabble. =D It was fun! Why would we have to be like most of the people and go out and party all night when we can play games at home?! =D


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