No school today (day 16)

As usual I woke up first and now I usually just go to the toilet, grab some fruit or something small for breakfast and start up my laptop. Before everyone else wakes up I usually do some photo editing or surf the internet a bit… When everyone was awake we went to the Vivaci shopping mall, because I had to return my non-working mouse and ask for replacement – mission successful! Also I bought myself a new sweater that will be just perfect for colder days. =)
After that we all went to the market to buy some fruits and vegetables. That almost changed into a routine, because we go to the market pretty much every second day or so. We like it because it’s usually cheaper than supermarkets and most of the food is local so that’s really awesome. And people are more or less very nice. Except some beggars that can become really annoying! Today one woman came to Gaja and touched her face saying: “Bonita, bonita!” That was really freaky! =S
In the afternoon boys decided to go to the beach by bikes, Gaja and I stayed at home. I decided to go out to make at least part of our photographic homework, so I wrote down some ideas of what I want to do. When I came to the first location I wanted to capture with my camera I realized the light isn’t as I thought it will be, so I continued my way to the park. There were so many people! It was Portuguese national holiday, so there was no school or work and the weather was perfect, so I guess that’s why everybody was outdoors.
With so many people everywhere my plans of some photos couldn’t really work out, and others… well… I felt a bit weird being in park not just with my camera but with tripod as well. So I decided to just sit on a bench and enjoy the sunny day. And it felt so good… =) Meanwhile I searched for some more ideas and I decided that I’ll finish my homework tomorrow and think about it a bit more. In some photos I’ll need Gaja to help me with being my model anyway. =)
Soon after I returned home I Skyped with my family and that’s always nice, even if connection isn’t the best from time to time. The best part is seeing my cute fluffy dog! Oh boy I miss him! You know, with people you talk, with pets it’s just not the same! They are supposed to be hugged and cuddled with! Oh well…
Then the boys returned home with some fruits that they managed to get on the way. They found some “wild trees” near the road and they picked some quinces. Damir decided to make compote out of it and now the whole apartment smells so good! =D But it’s hot now, so I’ll try it tomorrow when it cools down.
I think that summons my day. Now it’s time for me to get in the bed and cuddle with blanket and pillow… =D Yay! Good night!


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