First class of Digital Photography (day 15)

Again another ordinary morning… As usual I woke up first, had some breakfast and edited some more photos. Then I did some laundry and again it came out of the washing machine extremely wet. I have no idea what this washer is doing, it’s like it doesn’t even drain the clothes. It’s weird. So it really takes a whole day for clothes to dry, even if it’s sunny and windy… And not to mention that it took us quite a while to figure out this clothes line system. It’s the one with pulleys and you have to lean through the window to hang the clothes. And also you have to watch out that clothes or anything at all doesn’t fall down because there is some roof and I don’t think there is any way we could get there to pick up anything that would fall. So yeah, even if I fall out of the window there is no way for me to get back… =) Anyway, that’s enough about our washing problems. The clothes are still washed and that’s what matters in the end. =)
So after lunch Gaja and I had our first class of Digital Photography. We are not the only Erasmus students there so I think it will be a bit easier. And the professor is really nice and friendly and he speaks English very well. Also he was so kind to give us some papers in English and he said he will make the slideshows in English, just for us! So it’s really awesome! In class we had some introduction to digital photography, but more or less only things we already know, because it was really just basics. But still, there were slideshows and videos and why wouldn’t we just go through it again. Nothing to lose. =) We also got some basic homework to do until next week, so finally some actual school work! Yay! =D It’s really just the basics of aperture and shutter speed, but I think it’s great to go through this more often, especially because at our school we didn’t go through it so detailed. So it’s awesome that we’ll start with the basics and then we can start with progress. I hope so. I think I’ll like this subject. =)
The class ended a bit early today, so Gaja and I went to the shopping center to buy ourselves a computer mouse. When I returned home mine wasn’t working so I’ll have to go back and change it… And also I bought a pair of new shoes that are better choice for rainy and winter days. Now all I need is some new sweaters and shirts with long sleeves. =)
At the evening I decided to watch Madagascar 3 and why would I watch it alone if I have friends in the same apartment. So I asked everyone if they want to join me and all of them were interested in my idea. So we made ourselves comfortable in our living room and watch the funny King Julien (my favorite character of all time), penguins and other cool guys. =) I must admit, I really liked it and I think it’s still awesome! And I still love King Julien! =D He’s one crazy lemur! =D
So that’s it. Movie night is over and my bed is calling me… I think the blanket wants to cuddle with me… =D Tomorrow is some sort of holiday here so we don’t have school. Another day when we can sleep until we want to and I’ll probably wake up first again… =) Maybe I should put on my running shoes on days like these… =)


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