Park on a sunny day (day 14)

Morning was nothing special. I woke up, eat some breakfast, cleaned around the kitchen, edited some photos, lit the scented stick to make my room smell really nice… =)
Later we had some lunch and after that Gaja and I went to the park to take some photos. Finally! Oh my, I enjoyed it so much! I just love that park and I realized one more time that I just love to take photos of nature and architecture. It’s so perfect for me. And it’s funny when Gaja and I compare ourselves when it comes to photography. She just loves to take photos of people, or at least to make self-portraits or something connected to people and I’m right the opposite of that. I avoid taking photos of people as much as possible! I love capturing the nature and buildings, it’s really just simply me… =D And sometimes I feel so amazing when I capture some nice light and everything on the photo just works so perfectly that I can’t believe it’s really that beautiful! You know, that feeling when you know you captured so unique and perfect moment… Perfect! =)
After the park we returned back to the apartment where Marko and Damir were fixing some part of Marko’s tent. It got broken and they tried to fix it… It was a bit funny to watch and they were so concentrated and they would never give up even if it seemed quite impossible… But at the end they really fixed it. Stubborn guys… =)
Oh and I bought some corn yesterday so I cooked it for dinner. It was so good to eat it after such a long time! It was so sweet and with some salt over it, it was just perfect! Mmm nom nom nom! =D I think I’ll buy some more of it… =D
So in this post it’s a small gallery of photos from park. I’ll probably add some more photos to it a bit later. For now, that’s it. I hope you like it! =)


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