Through the window (day 13)

Today we were all able to sleep a bit longer, because we didn’t have any classes, though Damir had some but in the afternoon. First thing I did was puting the dream catcher above my bed. I like it. =)

My green Dream Catcher

After that we went to the market to buy some fruits again. I like the market. =) And later Marko and I went to the park where we ordered some coffee and tea at the bar in the park. It was so lovely to sit on the sun! I love the park! =)
Then we went to the shop where I bought some tofu and finally the soy sauce that I wanted so badly! And we had so tasty lunch! =D After that we were just sitting around the house, talking and editing photos from Sunday… And I caught the moment of a sunset light reflected from the window across the street.

Reflection in the window 01
Reflection in the window 02
Reflection in the window 03

And also I was able to catch that huge neighbor cat on camera! It really is a bit freaky and it just sits there on a roof and looks at you! But at the same time it’s kind of awesome. I like this cat. =D Maybe on a photo it’s not that obvious, but trust me, it’s XXL size! =) Looks like I like and love so many things here… =D I guess because everything is so new to me.

Large Fluffy Black Fat Cat

And it’s really great that we have internet now, so we can be in touch with our family and friends. I have to admit that for now I’m not really home sick. Probably because there is so much going on all the time and everything is new. We’ll see how I will feel after few months. =)
There was some party in the city this night, something about traditional dancing… We really wanted to go, but on the other side we were already so sleepy at 21:00 that we knew we’re not going… =) Some other time. =)


3 thoughts on “Through the window (day 13)

  1. Love that park too and I also like to take pictures of things not people. That place overlooking the ocean where you are jumping about is near some property my mom owns. My sister and her family will be there in June, hope they enjoy it as much as you seem enjoying – told her to take lots of pictures!

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